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"It's Not How Much Money You Start With...  It's What You Finish With That Counts The Most"

Chuck Hughes - 10x Trading Champion


We have a website dedicated to the Chuck Hughes products that we offer.  Please click this link below to be taken to that page for an extensive review of Chuck and his products:



Chuck Hughes  -  is a 10-Time Trading Champion.  He won his 1st Championship in 1994, and has won 9 more since, with audited real-time annual returns as high as 330%.


Who - since starting out as an options trader in the late 1980s - has gone on to make millions of dollars for himself and his family using his unique "Optioneering" strategies.


In fact, over the past 20 years alone, his trading services gave members the opportunity to amass over $13.5 MILLION in profits.


And today, we want to give you the opportunity to access a special blend of unique strategies Chuck has used to make those profits.


Call our Managing Director Steven at 312-858-9009 to address any questions or to enroll in any of these services.  Do you need some help understanding how to follow Chuck in his various portfolios?  Steven has followed Chuck and his trading methodologies for close to 20 years. 


In 2003, Steven wrote his first 'covered call' in Home Depot - and this was a Chuck Hughes position.  Now he's not only helping people become clients of Chuck's trading services, Steven is also working with Chuck and his family to produce a series of new television commercials that will air on CNBC and other financial networks.  Call anytime to schedule a meeting, with Steven - and he will give you a full tutorial on either of these 'premium' trading services - that we offer below. 


If you're tired of getting beaten up in the market?  No matter what your account size is, it may make sense to follow the portfolio and positions of a guy who hasn't lost money in more than 20 years, and we can help you do just that...   Call Toll Free - 800-268-8936

"Hughes Inner Circle"

Trading Service

Chuck's simple trading strategies are based on more than 30 years of trading and haven't failed to produce results. If you have trading strategies that are not providing the results you want, Join the Inner Circle Trading strategy now and be part of something that will change your life and revolutionize your finances.

"Weekly Option Alert" Trading Service

The Weekly Option Trading strategy is an exclusive recommendation service that Chuck Hughes himself moderates and posts on a weekly basis. The trading strategy includes recommended trading signals in option investing, and its viewership is limited to the members of the trading strategy.

"Wealth Creation Alliance" Trading Service

Members of the Wealth Creation Alliance Trading Service receive access to an exclusive service giving them the opportunity to profit from the stock, ETF and option strategies that the Optioneering® Team has been using successfully in real time trading for more than 35 years.

Members receive email or text alerts whenever there is a trade recommendation to enter a new trade or exit a trade. 



If you know Chuck Hughes, you have probably heard that 35 years ago Chuck turned $4,600 into $460,000 in two-years trading options.  That's incredible data, and Chuck has published his account statements verifying that he did accomplish these gains.  Well, guess what? 




Chuck just turned $4,600 into over $67,000 in one year from Oct 2019 to Oct 2020, and that was during the Pandemic! 


In October of 2019, Chuck opened another $4,600 account, to see if he could replicate his previous success.  His goal was to demonstrate the ability to turn a small account into a large account trading options.

Well, his brokerage account statements show that he achieved that goal. 


Once again he started with a $4,600 balance, and his actual account statements show that over a one year period, he had $56,378.51 in closed trade profits, and $6,288.69 in open trade equity FOR A TOTAL OF $67,267.


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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Trading and investing involve substantial risk. Trading on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Other than the refund policy detailed in each enrollment form, MEATCLLC does not make any guarantee or other promise as to any results that may be obtained from using the Services. No person subscribing for the Services (“Subscriber”) should make any investment decision without first consulting his or her own personal financial adviser, broker or consultant. MEATCLLC disclaims any and all liability in the event anything contained in the Services proves to be inaccurate, incomplete or unreliable, or results in any investment or other loss by a Subscriber.


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